FLORIDA SWIMMING CLUB was established in 1925 which makes it one of the oldest swimming clubs in South Africa.

The club is affiliated to Central Gauteng Aquatics and Swim South Africa.

Training sessions happen all-year-round every day of the week. During the winter months the focus is on technique, while in the summer months the focus is on race preparedness.

Our experienced coaches Andy Young and Tracey Hemphill are committed to the development of swimmers on the West Rand. Swimmers are from all age groups and levels of experience.

Our swimmers compete at club level at our club nights during summer, at CGA gala events throughout the year and in the open water events.

Our parents are actively involved with the CGA Officials Club and can be seen on pool deck timekeeping and judging at galas.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Florida Swimming Club family.

Contact Details:

President – Keith Dodkins              

email: keith@floridaswimming.co.za

Cell: +2783 266 8618

Club Secretary – Desiree Visagie   

email: desiree@warriorincentives.co.za

Cell: +2783 332 7121

Tracey Hemphill         

email: orcas@mweb.co.za

Cell: +2783 399 1205

Andy Young   

email: RAFY@joburg.org.za

Cell: +2783 379 3527


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